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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 1:10 AM

Piece By Piece_B by Encoder6

Red Rose for Yoko by Encoder6

Happy birthday, Catherinne by ShlomitMessica

Sea of bliss by Ludwina

The Ronin's Dragon. by LittleWolf-Dreamer

violet orchids by virnagray

Grouch by xmilek

Untitled by youarelightinthedark
Street Art by beachlegs

Tiger Lily by beachlegs

Another World by beachlegs

Violet viola. by virnagray

Sophie Marceau Late 80s by Rubina1970

Claudia Schiffer Early 90s by Rubina1970

Tatjana Patitz Late 80s by Rubina1970

''FEEL IT IN MY BONES'' by L-A-Addams-Art

Doppelganger by visaga

Summer Paradise by priteeboy

Ice World II by priteeboy

Random2 by terrie923

gods and monsters by L-A-Addams-Art

Dreamfall with elandria by L-A-Addams-Art


i wait for you in the shadows by L-A-Addams-Art

nightcrawler by L-A-Addams-Art

Undefeatable by SPRSPRsDigitalArt

The Beauty and the Dragon by annemaria48

Blue Thank You by KmyGraphicYou-are-Welcome by KmyGraphicBlue Thank You by KmyGraphicYou-are-Welcome by KmyGraphic

gurly2 by YOKOKY

Remember Last Fall,my Love ! by YOKOKY

This Side of the Moon by SharPhotography

She/he loves me! by virnagray

When the mask comes off... by virnagray

Red by fantof12

Day Lilly by virnagray
P I S C E S  B O R N by shiny-shadows-Art

Play for me ............................... by pjenz
Forbidden love by brietolga

Swan Lake by CaryAndFrankArts

Autumn wind by ladyjudina

Violet viola. by virnagray

Love letters by CindysArt

Elf by CindysArt

Dark-Feathers by EnchantedWhispersArt

Magical-Woods by EnchantedWhispersArt

The Light In Darkness by Sisterslaughter165

In The Rose Thorn by SeventhFairy

Angel Shakinah by babsartcreations

Power Of Imagination by msfowle

Autumn Wind by maiarcita

Mermaid and Friends - Mermaid es baratai X by ladyjudina

Contacts - Kapcsolatok by ladyjudina

Beach Evening by anne1956

Abandoned Alpine House by anne1956

Seagulls On The Beach by anne1956

Towards the Light 2 by ladyjudina

Giant Lady and Lili by ladyjudina

Life paths by ladyjudina

Stronger than you think B / A by pjenz

Royal Queen by CindysArt

Angel Shakinah by babsartcreations

The-Queen by EnchantedWhispersArt

Meteor by SweediesArt

Dentro del tiempo by Marazul45

Naiad by NebelelfeNaemy

Fully Alive by Andaelentari

An Apple a Day by Andaelentari

the tattoos of life by Andaelentari

Red Eye by Andaelentari

Happy Birthday by Greek-pan

Bad Breath by beachlegs

Only!!!!! by Greek-pan

Lift me up! by virnagray

See No Evil by beachlegs
Baronissa by NebelelfeNaemy

Always in my heart by EstherPuche-Art

En las puertas del infierno by CrisestepArt

Pensamientos para tocar by Marazul45

they say that gold's the skin of the gods by Andaelentari

Dark Violinist by Andaelentari

smother me by Andaelentari

Same Blood by Andaelentari

The Ronin's Dragon. by LittleWolf-Dreamer

Misty Breeze by OhLizz

Shape OF My Heart by shiny-shadows-Art

M14  Unending Misery by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM

Something In The Woods by priteeboyRoses by KmyGraphic

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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 11:38 PM
          Lift me up! by virnagray

Holding on to the moon by virnagray

Tessa by Katarina-Zirine

There are always two sides on one coin by Katarina-Zirine

Autumn dream by Katarina-Zirine

The solitary Sailor by virnagray

Ice Princess by Katarina-Zirine

Maria by Katarina-Zirine

Love for you by Katarina-Zirine

THE SILK ROAD... by Tigles1Artistry

Lullaby by Katarina-Zirine

Calmstorm by cluis

Calmstorm by cluis

    Rock Wall by ness5378

Love by KmyGraphic

Staying On by Sopecartoons

Nothing to go on by Sopecartoons

Service diverted by Sopecartoons

Watercolour Gurl by cthulhuisdead

Field of tulips by Jon-Lock

Irradiance by sesam-is-open

Daemon boy by MroczniaK

Michelle Monaghan Gagged MI3 by iheartgaggedgirls

When Sadness Surrounds Your Heart by sesam-is-open

A Ray Of Hope by sesam-is-open

Cookie  Concept by rochele10

Untitled.jpg   art  rage halloween by rochele10

Download (2).jpg   1024 by rochele10

Love by KmyGraphic

Melancholy by NekroGothicMaster

Homeless Man Fantastic Portrait by NekroGothicMaster

Vampyric Evil by NekroGothicMaster

Pumas ahead by Sopecartoons

Devilish Doll by Angelii-D

Jellayyyy Giiiiiirrrrlllll by CecaniaSpirit

Joanne Kelly sketch by tonyob

What time is it? by mikestevenson1955

1960's party... by mikestevenson1955

See Ya Later by jellyahoy

Circa 1941 by jellyahoy

watches by Maleiva

Just Abrstract 2 by erene

Drop in the Water a by erene

Teleidoscope 2014 - Tempest by DesireeDelgado

Teleidoscope 2014 - Mother Earth by DesireeDelgado

Elements by erene

Super Sonico in her bunny sweater Cosplay by K-A-N-A

Blue lotus by Roslana

Two Sides by DolceCaramella

Super Sonico in her bunny sweater Cosplay by K-A-N-A

Invoking The Goddess by Mythocentric

Coming to an End by gunzy1

Eternity in one stare by Lenesan

..Jewel.. by riamali

Breaking the silence by Untold-Reasons

Willow by Roslana

Notte Stellata by DolceCaramella

Succubus by Shizza66

Smoking Man by geekygoddess30

Bubblez by cbmangaka


THE SILK ROAD... by Tigles1Artistry

Love is... by KmyGraphicWonderful by KmyGraphicWith Love by KmyGraphic

It is raining flowers..... by Tigles1Artistry
All dogs go to Heaven by RazielMB

Little Cat II by luisbc

Autumnal Mists... by Tigles1Artistry

Bouquet by KmyGraphicBouquet by KmyGraphicBouquet by KmyGraphic

Burning The Trees by Squirrelondope

Cold As Ice2 by YOKOKY

Poisson wood by YOKOKY


The Tudors-splendid TV-Show by YOKOKY

Joey by LucyOddity

Jean Harlow by MonsieF

Forest Welcome by GUDRUN355

Stripes by GUDRUN355

Gemini Sisters by kimoz

Alexandra by MarcoHerrera

Poseidon by ladyjudina

The sea and sea dwellers-A tenger, es lakoi by ladyjudina

Makhai by MarcoHerrera

Arcanine and vulpix by Adorael

Ssaddee by mikestevenson1955

Demon Queen by Reginacamargo

Romeo y Julieta by thevoiceofpoems

Dollfie - Eri by Xeno-Photography

Catch me by thevoiceofpoems

The Incredibles by peterg666666

Awesome by KmyGraphicLovely by KmyGraphicPrecious by KmyGraphic

We will color you pink( for breast  cancer month) by virnagray

Gatito by luisbcMeaw by luisbcMeaw,meaw by luisbcNice kitty by luisbc

Fang it by Sopecartoons

Irish insecticide by Sopecartoons

Going to the Garden Party by Rubina1970

Angelo (ArthurXMaria) by Rubina1970

-EDWARD- by vampirekingdom

Wild Child by Kurtzan

Step Lightly by theheek

Winterriver by anne1956
Winternu1 by anne1956
Winter's Day by anne1956

Aquired Affect (Oshare Kei Tomas Mascinskas) by TomasMascinskas
The Nanny Ravens by SweetlylouHalloween by La--Boheme

Cambodian Sunrise by LindArtz

The Witching Hour  by LindArtz

Momoka Chi by MahouMint

654 by nothinguseeisreal

Light Bringer by Emerald-Depths

Abandoned by pjenz

You can run, but you can't hide by pjenz

Dreams come true by sasha-fantom

Shawnee by EmilySoto

Structures From Silence by MoodyBlue

Death by Gwendolyn1

.:Dark Temptation:. by SummerDreams89

Princess and her Wolf by VeilaKs

.:Forsaken Love:. by SummerDreams89

Ocean Soul by VeilaKs

Shawnee by EmilySoto

Quand elle dort la magie se reveille by Marjie79
In the Rain by Amanda-Diaz

En el alma de mis versos by Marazul45

One rose for a goodbye by EstherPuche-Art

FeatherS by shiny-shadows-Art

The whispering forest by scared-princess
Vivarium by jbjdesigns

Finding Utopia // Un cropped version by TheLGX

Paradise Bird by VeilaKs

The Secret Forest by La--Boheme

Papillon by JacquelineLecocq

La luz que alimenta mi oscuridad by CrisestepArt

Dream watcher by tamaraR

A different kind of fairy tale by tamaraR

Revelation by vampirekingdom

Come to Me by vampirekingdom

::Joker:: by vampirekingdom

Daemonia by NebelelfeNaemy

Eos - Goddess of Dawn- by nova63

5 dark Souls by nova63

Sleeping Sun by La--Boheme

                          Harley Quinn and The Joker by Eeddey
A taste of Red by nova63

Where The Wild Roses Grow by MoonRoseEternity

Autumn Forest by MoonRoseEternity

In the silence by MoonRoseEternity

Polio-2012 by Jirinovsky

the end.... by apostolos-t

APRIL'S FOOL by astrolavos

THE CROWN PRINCE by astrolavos

The dark side of the city by Greek-pan

Time pass by too fast by Greek-pan

No title by Greek-pan

Sno by anne1956

winterroad by anne1956

Rosenzauber by anne1956

Juka for Andy6lover by Takari-Manipulations

Shaura Motavational Poster by CandraRose

DA2 Fenris by CandraRose

                    Belo Horizonte by Encoder6                                                                      -EDWARD- by vampirekingdom

Wild Child by Kurtzan

_ANAKIN_ by vampirekingdom

Wit and Wisdom by sesam-is-open
From The Heaven Of My Heart! by Encoder6

Holland Roden by Eeddey

Robots In Disguise again by AmyAutumn

put on mascara and your party dress by AmyAutumn

Angel of the night by CharllieeArts

The abyss by Cmetalguy

Story Teller's Tale by Tenchi8

Misty Breeze by OhLizz

Louis de Pointe du Lac, Brad Pitt by peterg666666

Autumn Forest by MoonRoseEternity

1 from 4 by apostolos-t

Star Of David by Minia4

BTX by Minia4

Letting Go by OhLizz

Follow your Heart by OhLizz

Start by OhLizz

In Sync by OhLizz

Waiting For Miracle III by AiniRahma

Rock On In Heaven Friend by A-Wakefield

Stairway-To-Heaven by EnchantedWhispersArt

Monastery by art-of-altensleben

Bonfire by RHADS

way to heaven by arbebuk

John and Maus : snow by megatruh

Poison berry by Ophelia-Overdose

Nicole Kidman by SoulOfDavid

Kate Winslet by SoulOfDavid

Game of Thrones: Robb and Talisa by daekazu

the Spell by nakedcrayon23

Autumn violin by Katarina-Zirine

Self-portrait with a scanner by Tatzwlvurm

Sometimes I Sleep by CharleneApril

Left behind. by virnagray

Hatred by Celtica-Harmony

Intensive by xmilek

Feral by xmilek

Rage by xmilek

Supremacy by xmilek

Serenity by xmilek

Bad Gril by Caroline1233

When the mask comes off... by virnagray

Summer's love by virnagray

In Memoriam by YOKOKY

Saddest-Face-Porcelain-Dol by YOKOKY

Water Face by Mahbopoli

The Queen by vampirekingdom

...Unrequited Love... by Beautiful-Life15

...SOLO... by Beautiful-Life15

Pastel Dreams by TinaLouiseUk

Summoning by MoonRoseEternity

   Canada and israel by israel600                     

                 Summer..oil on linen by xxaihxx

I still remember by Lior-Art                     
Heartbeat Of The World by Tigles1Artistry

Romantic Date by Poplavskaya

LIPS by Poplavskaya

Hello by DiZa-74

I MISS HIM....... by KerensaW
                                     LOVESweets by KmyGraphic               Welcome by KmyGraphicRoses are red Violets are blue by shep4life

              LOVESweets by KmyGraphic                                           

Jenn Medusa by SuperPhazed
How To Disappear Convincingly by shep4life
I suppose... by 4maya

3 Sides by Lola-Love89

Youngling by xmilek

Alabama Teacup III by LashelleValentine

Through the clouds by elyio

Understanding by xmilek

I can't tell you by CintiaGonzalvez

Snow Flakes by erene

Hug by KmyGraphic


Diabolik Lovers - Sakamaki Subaru by Xeno-Photography

Watching by xmilek

Hankering by xmilek

wall of trees by farzaam
wall of trees by farzaam
Dream by sesam-is-open

Belong to You by MOIberry

Hermia, Descend Of The Gods by ParadisiacPicture

National day - Watercolor by nicolasjolly

Les Allees De Notre Dame - Watercolor - Paris by nicolasjolly

Rape by MOIberry

Dead Memories by MOIberry

           Peachy by thepurpleorchid1

Eye Change Practice by thepurpleorchid1

Goldy Hair Make Over by thepurpleorchid1


Fingerprint - Rainfall by nicolasjolly

Crowned with chaos by DamaiMikaz

Never Trust to much by kagomehigurashi96

Wild Life by Minia4

                  another forest - the process of creating by KPEKEP


Spirit of the Wolf by LittleWolf-Dreamer

Composizione1283 by claudio51

                  Day Without Rain by bohomaz13

she said by bohomaz13


Scotland road by LostLinkArt

Swamp by Still0Me

Darkened Leaves by OhLizzwall of trees

Your head will collapse by Martidy

Pretty woman..oils by xxaihxx

once a gypsy... by virnagray

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Just You And Me by CameronKobe

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YOKOky ( Catherinne )=KAY
Artist | Professional | Varied
I love all forms of art -ARTISTS make the world- a better place to be.
I AM a professional ballet teacher.
i hate terror- and nasists- and all form of violence


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