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    IS THE is the time, i think that each one of us- to make a count down - being so open we- with our self,remembers - how much we are able to- what we did in this it possible?Ii is- how many lies we say- even to the loves ones, how many people we hurt by words- or by many times we cry and how many times we felt tears in our eyes-possible? It many times we felt happy- relax with an extraordinary great disposition?How many times we have been mean inside seeing a better artwork than ours?How we try to cover this kind of feeling?Possible? It is...we are just human- even we are artists it make us more sensitive and yes,easy to be hurt...possible? Ii is...let's try to remember what we built this year,and what we erase many times we hide not to say the truth-cose is painful- and how many times we say just 40% truth,cose is less hurt;we are good people with bad parts- each one of us- sorry to be so sharp- but i am one of you- I make mistakes- i lie,i built fragile walls around me- just to try to be protect- i built- destroy and rebuilt  parts of my life- our life is not just black and white- in the midlle   is grey- sometimes is black-gray and sometimes is white-grey- never one color, -yes- i ask you is possible a GREAT moment of COUNT DOWN 2014- who will make us a better person for 2015?YES Is possible, thanks and I wish you a splendid happy new year !

                                       yokoky-kayHappy-New-Year by KmyGraphic


Journal Entry: Mon Nov 17, 2014, 9:18 AM

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