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2015 best art great artists -enjoy!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 28, 2014, 5:59 PM
Gretel by Agness-flower

Meryem Uzerli by Agness-flower

Ed Elms as Stu Price1 by Agness-flower

[0-i-u0ijo0 (2) by mikestevenson1955

Little Red Riding Hood by Agness-flower

Insomnia by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

Portraits on a Solid Background #15 by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

Contradiction by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

DON'T PULL ! (drawing) by b-Dedi


DAVID BOWIE - drawing (pastel) by b-Dedi

Angel by alientune

Here by alientune

The forest reflected in my eyes. by ilvahaust

Juytujyujtu by mikestevenson1955

Dance by mbnn1079

SCREAM by Godchillarts

Censored by Godchillarts

Miss Samantha by Aura-Li

lovely ladybug by sel399k

Here by alientune

work in progress... by virnagray
commission  painting (almost done yay!!!) by virnagray

ID by virnagray

Fog, and the girl by ladyjudina

The ghost by BillyNikoll

Can't fly by BillyNikoll

They are coming by BillyNikoll

Mister Entesh (Me) by NazoTheSuperHedgehog

The Angry Princess Cosplay by Elena-NeriumOleander

IMG 5629 by mikestevenson1955
By Yokoky-and Mike by mikestevenson1955

Photo Light by YOKOKY

lady by YOKOKY

avatar by YOKOKY

closeup5 by YOKOKY

Seguendo la corrente by claudio51

Complesso by claudio51

Georgie Before the Wedding by Rubina1970

The Wolf Moon by rabbitica

Random lady by Kosamy

Could We Turn Back Time (Georgie) by Rubina1970

Elementary by Sheridan-J

Black by ossdesign

Magic by ddimeng

I'm just like you by darkdex52

nightmare by oldSkullLovebyMW

5th-dimension-faestock-dockmale-composing- Deviana by docmale

my sisters by oldSkullLovebyMW

Adventure by Tracy-WilliamsArt

Labrat by J-u-d-a-s

Liliiuio by mikestevenson1955

Who is it? by mikestevenson1955

Hannah by InArtCreation

Mannequin dawn by mikestevenson1955

Side Streets of a Metropolitan by Hermetic-Wings


Your angel by Sweetlylou

The Nanny Ravens by Sweetlylou

Just Love Me - PASTEL by AstridBruning

Yeees - Pastel by AstridBruning

Silenced by Hermetic-Wings

Xuan Van , Photo: Duong Quoc Dinh by duongquocdinh

Cool It by Jewel-Firefly

Portrait by LostLinkArt
Dio II by Wordup

                                   Shelter Puppy by Wordup

                          Playing hard to get.... by Photoburner

Cheetah Commission - Kweli by KhaliaArt

Golden vision by KhaliaArt

yellow scarf by YOKOKY

pure by YOKOKY

sadness by YOKOKY

regret by YOKOKY

2 colors retro by YOKOKY

                                  Sugar scull lady with red apple by dreamfall-girl

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Magic by ddimeng

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sugar scull lady with red apple by dreamfall-girl


Beauty alien by Sweetlylou

good evening! by YOKOKY

expression by YOKOKY

Olivia by YOKOKY

lemon face by YOKOKY

Realistic  Photo Effect by YOKOKY

Paint Effect by YOKOKY

blue morning by YOKOKY

Adelle by YOKOKY

surreal-pastel by YOKOKY

Emanuelle-paint draw effect by YOKOKY


...make days last forever by foureyes

The Aluren Forest by ArthurBlue

Night watch...! by virnagray

What Da Logo Should Be by legopro43
The High Seas by Encoder6

Rick Koenig by Sopecartoons

The face of the sea by BillyNikoll

Evening at Tegeler See by MichaelVance-ART

Swan Hearts by MichaelVance-ART

Jimi Hendrix - Golden by MichaelVance-ART

Claudia Schiffer Early 90s by Rubina1970

Obelisk Room by akrasiel

I still remember Pandora by Lior-Art

Sandra on the Slopes by rsiphotography

Dance by mbnn1079

Vintage portrait - late 80's 002 by Rubina1970

Dragon Mistress by mbnn1079
Strength by mbnn1079

Hey There!!! by brighteyesgal

Blue eyes by mikestevenson1955

TheGhostArt1 by InCenter

Sad by mikestevenson1955

elflord by mikestevenson1955

Study in blue by mikestevenson1955

green transparent woman by mikestevenson1955

The Meeting (I) by MichaelVance-ART

K-TreeArt2 by InCenter

Sad girl by Agness-flower

Only!!!!! by Greek-pan

Forest Fairy by MangaDepressed

(Smokey-eyes) by MangaDepressed

Green Spiral Star (1) by MichaelVance-ART

Pisces Logo by PiscesCardinale

Anxiety by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

Shattered View by nicostars

I disappear by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

Derange by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

Abstract Watercolour 5 (scanned) by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

Magic is believing in yourself by MangaDepressed

Love me by EstherPuche-Art

A howl at the moon by ZedLord-Art

Composizione451bis by claudio51

Composizione4515bis by claudio51

Don't go too near the bars by mikestevenson1955

Playing with skulls and candles by KnottyMorningWood

Oak Burl Lamp12 by KnottyMorningWood

Toxic (WIP) by nicostars

what a voice by mikestevenson1955Don't go too near the bars by mikestevenson1955

Love me by EstherPuche-Art

Lost and Lonely by EstherPuche-Art

Mystic Forest by ZedLord-Art

A howl at the moon by ZedLord-Art

Jimi Hendrix - Golden by MichaelVance-ART

Sad girl by Agness-flower

A diptych - dancer by Agness-flower

Chess Killer by BautistaNY

Composizione451bis by claudio51

Composizione4515bis by claudio51

To my adored Chicca by claudio51

Composizione211bis by claudio51

Supermodel Chihuahua! by animedog666

Learning Painter Nude Study by LostLinkArt

Walking Dead Going Shopping by LostLinkArt

Contemplating the universe by virnagray

Sometimes We Need Fire Under Us To Get Us Moving by 19andMugsy

holier than thou by mikestevenson1955

Make Way Center Stage by DeadlyPockyShizen

Femme by davrem69Pirate ship on the sea by davrem69

DaV Design by davrem69

Visage by davrem69

Loups by davrem69

Depression by shep4life

paysage surnaturel by davrem69
The Fork in the Lake by shep4life

guts house by davrem69

Abandoned house by davrem69
Paper by shep4life

Tenebres by davrem69

femme by davrem69
Abandoned by pjenz

Heart of Stone by pjenz

Screw the Light, Give me Darkness by pjenz

femme by davrem69

femme by davrem69
I'm not much on Forgiveness by pjenz

femme by davrem69

dr01-Modifier by davrem69

thanks- visit his gallery and you will be amazed !- yokoky

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happy NEW YEAR-BEST 2015 IN your art !!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 25, 2014, 6:18 AM

             H A P  P  Y       N  E  W   :lights: by koffeeben   Y  E  A  R  2Misc Emoji-01 (Christmas Tree) [V1] by Jerikuto0Misc Emoji-01 (Christmas Tree) [V1] by Jerikuto1Misc Emoji-01 (Christmas Tree) [V1] by Jerikuto5Misc Emoji-01 (Christmas Tree) [V1] by Jerikuto  !!!!!!!
    Fairy and Kitty by LOVEMAYU

Purple Roses by LOVEMAYU

Love chocolate by LOVEMAYU

Smileys snowman / 03 by LOVEMAYU

The Watcher by FikryFadhillah

Candle Lake by FikryFadhillah

The Moon Keeper by FikryFadhillah

Red leaves. by Surorra

MissYou by LOVEMAYU                                       Smileys snowman / 03 by LOVEMAYU

Cheetah in the Jungle by allison731

Fairy and Kitty by LOVEMAYU

Angel  by davrem69

454179 Devochka Dom Nastroenie 1680x1050 (www. by davrem69

Untitled by davrem69

Act on an oak plank by Agness-flower

Generations by Agness-flower

Autumn mood by Agness-flowerCatie Fish by Phatpuppyart-Studios

The Two Trees of Valinor by peet

Time is death by Abstract-scientist
Obelisk Room by akrasiel

I still remember Pandora by Lior-Art

Hello again.... by mikestevenson1955

Sisters by Agness-flower

The Finishing Touch by ErosMyth

MichaelGibbs, Queen of the Damned by MichaelGibbsartist

Face of destiny by VeraVeraART

Leaf. by TenksDrinks

Spirit black by VeraVeraART

Ricordi di Roma by ErosMyth

Siblings by VeraVeraART

Broken by TeSzu

In my head by TeSzu

Angry sight by TeSzu

Girl by Dovilix

Insane Israel oc (emo in blue) by israel600

Gift for YOKOKY: 'A Witch In My Garden!' by Rubina1970

Could We Turn Back Time (Georgie) by Rubina1970

Oscar André 07-12-1789 by Rubina1970

Husky by Agness-flower
portrait dry brush #1036 by yakovdedyk

Oracol by YOKOKY

   A-flower by Agness-flower
A Lady by Agness-flower

Stripes by ankochan95
Sebastian Michaelis by Dovilix



K Full by luisbc

The Beast by luisbc         little angel by luisbc             Halloween time by luisbc

           Angels and Demons by luisbc

Loops by luisbc
Pitufina by ankochan95

Colors by luisbc

ForYou by KmyGraphic

Beautiful by KmyGraphic

WithLove by KmyGraphic

Much Love by KmyGraphic

Joy-Winter by KmyGraphic

BlueRose by KmyGraphic

Thank-you by KmyGraphic

Roses by KmyGraphic

For You by KmyGraphic

Thanks by KmyGraphic

Pansies by KmyGraphic

Very-Nice by KmyGraphic

         Love Kitty by LOVEMAYU

Congratulations! by LOVEMAYU                  Fairy and Kitty by LOVEMAYU

                                               Beautiful by LOVEMAYU

Wonderful by KmyGraphic

Flowers for You by KmyGraphic

Bravo ! by KmyGraphic

Have-a-Beautiful-Day by KmyGraphic

Beautiful by KmyGraphic

For-You by KmyGraphic

Excellent by KmyGraphic

I am Lucky by KmyGraphic

HUGS and KISSES by KmyGraphic
Let a Smile by KmyGraphic

leaf fall by Digithalie

IceCream Foryou by KmyGraphic

Birthday Card by KmyGraphic       May your DREAMS come true by KmyGraphic            Cake for your BDay by KmyGraphic

Chrysanthemums in Autumn by KmyGraphic          Clarice by KmyGraphic                  Love Kitty by LOVEMAYU

Blue Thank You by KmyGraphic              You-are-Welcome by KmyGraphic                    ThankYou by KmyGraphic

HappyB by KmyGraphic          Bouquet by KmyGraphic                   Awesome by KmyGraphic

Sensuality by LucienWittwer

Poseidon by ladyjudina

The sea and sea dwellers-A tenger, es lakoi by ladyjudina

Ruler of the AIr by MikeDaleDesign

Makhai by MarcoHerrera

After the Rain by AnnMarieBone

Wolf with glowing eyes by Roev-hul

Wolf in autumn forest by Roev-hul

The Butterfly by Dolphins-Dream

Honey Girl by vexiphne

Forgive and Forget by sesam-is-open

Aura by vampirekingdom

Emeraldia Masquerade by a3t3rnum

Doubt by sesam-is-open

Unveil Me by Frederic-Lievre

Atlantis by Frederic-Lievre
Aura by vampirekingdom

Emeraldia Masquerade by a3t3rnum

'You Touch Him, You Die' by heatona

My Spirit by OhLizz

Ausente by MariaJoseHidalgo

Silent tears. by Zozziegirl

Demon Queen by Reginacamargo


Creature of Man by Aikurisu

Zephyri - Enlighting my Night by TheFirstAngel

Crows by vampirekingdom

Kim B. by Agness-flower

Peace for you Forever by Lior-Art

(ID) Give yourself a smile this morning by virnagray

Mermaid island by virnagray

Haunting Flame  by LindArtz

Odium by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

All alone in the darkness by saskha

She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak by Andaelentari

Possessed by the music by Andaelentari

Creek under Snow by JasminaSusak

for YOKOKY by mikestevenson1955

New work by tsukiko-kiyomidzu

Bellatrix Lestrange by Mythocentric

The Last Day by Mythocentric

Fox by Agness-flower

4 faces of Eve by mikestevenson1955

Arwena by Agness-flower

Surprised! by Agness-flower

Mine's Bigger Than Yours by pjenz

Cold forest by SabakuNoShi

Water Colour Girl by RED-ADAM

Dualing Saucers on the B.O.W. by DeaconStrucktor

On an Evening Walk by JCCJ756

Beauty Of Winter by anne1956

Burn baby, Burn. by XRlS

fade away by nakedcrayon23
wishful thinking by nakedcrayon23

Wanting by smault23

0017 by darcsider1

Love Heart Flower Beating by smault23

Out in the cold by DeaconStrucktor

Tempera by Brit-zone2001

Dolphins by Sapphire236

Metropolis by bohomaz13

When the Earth cries...! by virnagray

Rebirth #1 by Samael-SH0-to-5

Portrait of Julia by Pevansy

love and squalor by nakedcrayon23

lovin' you is easy.... by nakedcrayon23

love and squalor by nakedcrayon23

the Spell by nakedcrayon23

Love hold us together. by virnagray

Ethereal sweetness by heidi137

Eternal Rest by heidi137

Theme 17 - Israel and friends by israel600

Memories by 4maya

Brat by 4maya

In the search for light by virnagray

Let me be your mother. by virnagray

Santa? or is it? by Sopecartoons

Worthy by shep4life

Unforeseen Love by shep4life

Rope Dancer by SpellpearlArts

Anxiety attack by Fameisdead

A Curious Response by shep4life

Snow Angel by shep4life

We are not alone by fashioneyes














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