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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 3, 2015, 8:04 AM
Terrorist-bomb-attack-kuwait-mosque-1 by YOKOKY

Bottled Humans-syrianfreepress by YOKOKY

Cage-in Flame-jordanian Pilot by YOKOKY

Piloto-quemado-vivo by YOKOKY

Daesh by YOKOKY

MuslimRape by YOKOKY

ISIS-New-York-Threat by YOKOKY

Fight-islam-for-me! by YOKOKY

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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 7, 2015, 11:58 PM
Baby it's Cold Outside by RGUS

Little Darlin' I love You by RGUS

Elysium morph 8 by jpayne2015

Take Me Forever by RGUS

Wet Thoughts by RGUS

Sailor Power by kaminary-san

At world's end by RHADS
Bolivia by RHADS

Sky may cry by RHADS

Peace for you Forever by Lior-Art

Happy Passover by Lior-Art

Beautiful In White 18 by Amro0

You Know Nothing, Jon Snow by BlondynkiTezGraja

Faded Love by RGUS

Sky may cry by RHADS

Better Off Alone by Tilantha-hansanath

Number One For Me by Tilantha-hansanath

Shyvana from League of Legends Portrait by BlondynkiTezGraja

STIGMA by mikestevenson1955

Distress by Maniakuk

Phoenix by tinca2

My Personification Of Saturn by 19andMugsy

The bleeding roots of a forbidden tree. by virnagray

Lapis by Odettery

The Butterfly Effect by FrancescaBaerald

Lapis by Odettery

Beautiful In White 18 by Amro0

Adriana Lima by Amro0

One With Nature by Maniakuk

..... by BaxiaArt

Infrascapes in Somogy - L by DimensionSeven

Times Like These... by Dave-Ellis

Manifestation of the Higher Self by eddiecalz

take courage with you by minikikiart

Sand... by WWWest

Entropy of Love by kimded

non parlarne mai by agnes-cecile

Knife by Saju90

floating fairytale by rick-nadal

-Archetype- by Janek-Sedlar

Inspiration in a bottle by the-unhype

Two Souls by eddiecalz

Seasonscape by alexiuss

Jealous Love by kimded

-Sacred shivers- by Janek-Sedlar

Misty Forest I (Fantasy Version) by Nichofsky

Every day ... by mikestevenson1955

obZen by Abanna

birth of a star by IrinaJoanne

eat raw meat blood drool by starlit-sky

...? by kontogiannis

Fire Moon by machihuahua

Anyone for seconds by redtreeme

a lesson in letting go by JanekKazio

Feel the storm by Altair-E

Jealous Love by kimded

Seasonscape by alexiuss

Don't Feed your Fear by scheinbar

Yin Yang by jenniemarie22

Water and mountains and stuff... ! by LorDeimos

Keep on Following the light by LorDeimos

Malta 2 by BaxiaArt

BleaKing Comes by POISONGRAPESawaiting

Do i look strange? by katiousa15

Wooden doll by katiousa15

Pain is getting deeper... by katiousa15

Adrien by silviya

look into my eyes by mikestevenson1955

Dream by BaxiaArt

magic pond by BaxiaArt

blue sea by BaxiaArt

look into my eyes by mikestevenson1955

Morgana by mikestevenson1955

Obey! by mikestevenson1955

Pretty girl three by mikestevenson1955

500 (3) by mikestevenson1955

Don't go too near the bars by mikestevenson1955

Xena by mikestevenson1955

time is the enemy by YOKOKY

Splendor by YOKOKY

Demonical by YOKOKY

Poverty by YOKOKY

Girl And Roses by YOKOKY


Gioia by YOKOKY

weird-gift for  Altair-E, a dear friend by YOKOKY

All In Flame by YOKOKY

Redhead by YOKOKY

Gift - Rose White by KRThompsonART

Pearls by KRThompsonART

Stone by nemain-ravenwood

Untamed Heart by nemain-ravenwood

Celia by nemain-ravenwood

Pearls by KRThompsonART

Friendship by KRThompsonART

Black Cat by KRThompsonART

Colibries by ElenaDudina

Friendship by ElenaDudina

Oriental fantasy by ElenaDudina

Winter somewhere by ElenaDudina

En casa by Abu-Hany

My trench by Abu-Hany

Into the sun by Altair-EMermaid 3D by Watcks

F.R.A.G.I.L.E. by Altair-E

Doves dance in the moonlight by Altair-E

ghostly presence ... by mikestevenson1955

FLOOD by chryssalis

Hope by pro-non

Thursday, June 18 by AlexandrinaAna

This is how you left me by ElenaHelfrecht

Lifeguard by beyzayildirim77

AFRICAN SKY by planetzog

I See Your Nightmares by TwiggyTeeluck

portrait by blackgabriel

a moment of clarity by blackgabriel

close to home by blackgabriel

admist by dayliwonder23

windy day by dayliwonder23

re-invention by steve2727

SwEEt bReaTh by abstractjet

Mermaid 2 ATC by hogret

Steampunk Madonnas ATCs by hogret

Halo by hogret

Athena by hogret

Portrait of a Lady by hogret

Twins by KanchanCollage

Omnia Vanitas by Larainjp

Unfathomable Joy of a Manic Depressive by Larainjp

On the bottom of the sea by katiousa15

Gretel by Agness-flower

Pup by Agness-flower

Haze by Eimer

FLOOD by chryssalis

Hope by pro-non

Thursday, June 18 by AlexandrinaAna


Flowers by KmyGraphic

Flowers by KmyGraphic

                         Bouquet by KmyGraphic

Baloons for Bday by KmyGraphic

Summer Taste by sesam-is-open
Bouquets by KmyGraphicFor you by Digithalie

Romance oil painting on canvas by L.Afremov by Leonidafremov
PureWhite by KmyGraphic

Morning full of life by L.Afremov by Leonidafremov
Bouquet by KmyGraphic

read my mind.... by nakedcrayon23
Yin-Yang by KmyGraphicFor you by Digithalie

Anew by Sangelus

Bouquets by KmyGraphic

2015-06-16 21.14.16 by saba92siddiqui
Pink Flowers by KmyGraphic

Landing gear by TonHaring
Thank-you by KmyGraphicLove It by LOVEMAYU

Adventure Time By Salhunter-d89ko4s by TonHaring
Love The Candle by LOVEMAYU

Hybrid (1) by Leelaa907

Beautiful by LOVEMAYU

Storm by peterg666666

Horse wooden by mikestevenson1955

Gorgeous Icecream by LOVEMAYU

Alice Cullen WPAP by DewickeyR
Fairy and Kitty by LOVEMAYU

WPAP Swift by DewickeyR

Thank you by KmyGraphic

Thanks for the FAV by smault23

I-love-you by KmyGraphic

Forrest Glimpses by ssmudge2

Pink Heart by KmyGraphic

Madonna   with the  Infant by peterg666666

Pink Heart by KmyGraphic

Cubist Portrait Of My Sister Lowana by NLeye10end-0ne
My Pleasure by KmyGraphic

Looking Cersei Lannister by ArchiMaestro
WithLove by KmyGraphic

Headquarters by sakaaali
Precious by KmyGraphic

[empress] by xSuRReALx

For You by KmyGraphic

Grow A Brain by Sangelus
For You by KmyGraphic

Two tribes by TonHaring
My Pleasure by KmyGraphic

Enjoy-your-Day by KmyGraphic

finishing touch by TonHaring

Judina's roses by KmyGraphic

Enjoy-your-Day by KmyGraphic

DAEMONIACA: slaves of the darkness 26 by Darthsandr
Little Cat II by luisbc

The Meeting by anne1956
Three friends by luisbc

Is Summer     By Yokoky-and Mike by mikestevenson1955
the madonna with by mikestevenson1955little angel by luisbc

Long journey ahead by LorDeimos
Halloween time by luisbc

Love of Butterfly by KmyGraphic

005 New shoes by daveace
Love of Butterfly by KmyGraphic

brown eyed girl by baineann
Heart by PeaceMagik

human meow by Milli85

Thank you by KmyGraphic

'And In The Beginning, There Was Only Darkness' by narcissagrey
Obsession by shep4life

Bouquet by KmyGraphic

PureWhite by KmyGraphic

Bouquets by KmyGraphic

In Memoriam by Crona-Urbex-Kishin
Best-Wishes by KmyGraphic

Commission: Giggler by abe70280

PureWhite by KmyGraphicBouquet by KmyGraphic

This Twilight Garden by gallegosart-com

Bouquet by KmyGraphic

Woof by Kawiku

PureWhite by KmyGraphic

Hugs by KmyGraphic

I don't believe what just flew through the kitchen by mikestevenson1955
Bouquet by KmyGraphic

Randy Gallegos: Alieis by gallegosart-com
PureWhite by KmyGraphic

Avarice by gallegosart-com

DiamondHeart by KmyGraphic

Unbearable Weight of Your Fears by weroni
Brooch by KmyGraphic

Drowning by weroni
Brooch by KmyGraphic

Insomnia by virnagray
Yin-Yang by KmyGraphic

No Name by weroni
Heart-and-Arrow by KmyGraphic

Dying to Live by tabsquared
DiamondHeart by KmyGraphic

Iconology by tabsquared
Thank-you by KmyGraphic

Pink Flowers by KmyGraphic

selfportrait by skarabokki

PureWhite by KmyGraphic

The Universe on a String of Pearls by narcissagrey

Bouquets by KmyGraphic

Adelle2 by YOKOKY
Hugs by KmyGraphic

Sadness by YOKOKY

PureWhite by KmyGraphic

Bird Flower by TanyaShatseva

Bouquets by KmyGraphic

Mountain Moonlight by DonBowling

The Finishing Touch by ErosMyth

LIBRA from the Dancing Zodiac by AquaSixio

No Name by weroni

Insomnia by virnagray

Broken Doll by FikryFadhillah

She is not real by tabsquared

Iconology by tabsquared

Diaphoresis by chriseastmids

Minotaur by chriseastmids

Fertile Ground by offermoord

Mighty queen by mashamaklaut

Carrie by mikestevenson1955

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnmm by mikestevenson1955

Bridge To Suffering by CpointSpoint

Liv T. by Pidimoro

Butterfly Woman by mycastillo

Damadecorazones1 by cintiaormezzano

Oblivion by XRlS

Insight by XRlS

Tear from a Mermaid by NebelelfeNaemy

Hypnosis by maiarcita

Padme -Refugee disguise by DavidDeb

Stained with sin by Altair-E

Killing Loneliness by Altair-E

Thieves of souls by Altair-E

internal disease by EvilineMoonflesh

Pleasures of the Damned by EvilineMoonflesh

Bloody cold silence....... by katiousa15

daenerys targaryen WIP by jodeee

Walk in New York by takmaj

Acceptance of nothingness by katiousa15

What is left from a sound without melody by katiousa15

Crescendo - Are You Out There by mikestevenson1955

Gothic Lolita by ENGEL-LUCROIX

Cieco Mondo Dei Sogni by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A

Ombre E Ricordi by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A

Think about!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Greek-pan

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You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.”


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Oh Happy Day by SueJOwen Thank you.
YOKOKY Featured By Owner 35 minutes ago  Professional General Artist
welcome !
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thank you so much for the fav :)
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I Can't Say You  Goodbye by Lior-Art
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gam leha
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I have a dear friend in Israel who worked with me to write her poetry in English. It was a great experience for me. She taught me more than I taught her. The net is great for meeting people from other cultures and countries. Thanks for the watch. I know a little Yiddish and that's it.
I promote the arts and looked up a musician I liked.
For you/… I do speak English and Spanish.
Christina has a wonderful talent.…
Have a great day.
YOKOKY Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
i see...i use amarican music for jazz and modern dance - and ballet i do not use too much hebrew music- i do have just 2 hebrew singers- miriam mesika and erez ben lev
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thanks !a great day too.
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3 in 1 Hearts -Free To Use by Undead-Academy :iconsmilefavplz:Thank You by Digithalie
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